Please read and follow these simple rules.


Welcome to Renbooru, a new site aimed at renders/vectors/extractions or whatever word you can come up with.

Why did I create a new site when there already are quite a few active successive sites doing the same?

Well its quite simple. None of the sites dealing with renders, have had a decent tagging system.
Nor did they seem easy to navigate, or maybe they required you to go through excessive requirements to even reach the renders.

Surely this isn't what the person rendering wants.
As a person who have been rendering myself, I never wanted to hide the renders from others.
If someone want to use the image for something creative, then I would be happy to share it
rather than hiding it in a exclusive part of a gallery, where only certain people who meet certain criteria
can see it.

So after a good deal of time, I decided to start this site up.
Cause I feel that it would be in the interest of many people.

No credit are taken or given on Renbooru, to the people who did the render/vector
apart from the icon that people add on the image.
which isn't something I'm gonna take away from them.
However, it would be lovely if you could at least write the artists name as a tag or link to his/her "art site" on the source.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask though any of the ways found here.